Meet our Team

Jeremy Trotman – Director & Certified Occupational Hygienist

Rhonda Hafey – General Manager


JTA Health, Safety & Noise Specialists (JTA) was established in 1988 under the name of Jeremy Trotman and Associates to offer OHS&E services to industry, initially through a partnership with the Australian Chamber of Manufacturers (ACM).


The business grew steadily over the years and the purchase of Industrial Audiometric Services in 2004, allowed JTA to increase their services to include Audiometric Testing in mobile testing units throughout Victoria.
In 2007, JTA purchased Noise Management Services and Hearing Conservation Services of Australia (both well established and recognised companies specialising in providing a larger range of noise related services and audiometric testing). The purchase allowed JTA to expand the range of noise solutions to include, not only occupational noise, but also environmental noise assessments, building acoustics, vibration and sound prediction modelling. In addition, we increased our fleet of mobile audiometric testing units and our ability to run the WorkCover accredited three day Audiometric Screening Course. Today, JTA also offers noise equipment, repair and calibration services and equipment sales.
2009 saw the introduction of Worksafe’s Work Health Check program and JTA now provide a range of health and wellbeing programs for employers including Work Health Checks, nutritional seminars, and workplace vaccinations.
Previously operating as two separate companies (JTA Risk Management and Noise Management Services), in May 2013, we combined all of our services under the one banner of JTA Health, Safety & Noise Specialists, so that we could provide our clients with a totally integrated solution to their occupational health, noise and safety needs.


While we may have grown over the years, the JTA philosophy and approach to business remains the same – lean and flexible. We make a science-based objective assessment of OHS risks and develop practical solutions to create healthy, safe and productive workplaces.
We also have a strong commitment to quality and continual improvement, proven by obtaining the quality accreditation ISO 9000:2015. Independent external auditors test our systems annually.
Below you can meet our team of specialists, whose expertise is central to the high standards of service we offer.

Meet our team of experts

We have all the Health, Safety and Noise expertise you could need

Jeremy Trotman

Director & Certified Occupational Hygienist
Specialty Expertise: Asbestos, Ergonomics, Industrial, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene

Rhonda Hafey

Chief Executive Officer
Specialty Expertise: Business Development,
HR, Marketing, Sales

Chirag Patel

General Manager
Specialty Expertise: Business Systems, Management and Development, Accounting, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Aaron Zanussi

Safety Division Manager & Senior Occupational Hygienist
Specialty Expertise: Asbestos, Hazardous Materials Management, Occupational Hygiene, Safety Management Systems, Noise and Audiometry

Chas Pagon

Occupational Hygienist
Specialty Expertise: Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene, Emergency Response, Safety Management Systems

Lisa Havelka

Occupational Hygienist
Specialty Expertise: Asbestos, Occupational and Environmental Health

Maria Nguyen

Graduate Occupational Hygienist
Specialty Expertise:Emergency management plans, traffic management and OHS legal compliance

William Dalmau

Noise Division Manager & Senior Acoustic Consultant
Specialty Expertise:Industrial and Environmental Noise Control, Vibration Management, Building Acoustics

Johannes Pehe

Associate Consultant Acoustics & VIbration
Specialty Expertise: Noise and Vibration Assessment & Management

Briana Newsome

Health Division Manager
Specialty Expertise: Sales, Health Promotion and Program Development

Danielle King

Senior Screening Audiometrist
Specialty Expertise: Massage, Community Services, Audiometry

Jennifer Mulley

Screening Audiometrist
Specialty Expertise: Audiometric Testing

Patrick Grech

Screening Audiometrist
Specialty Expertise: Physiology, Audiometry and Training

Jonathan Brunke

Business Development Manager
Specialty Expertise: Marketing, Management, Business Development

Victoria Randon

Marketing Manager
Specialty Expertise: Marketing Strategy & Communications