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To co-create healthy, safe and productive workplaces for our clients’ employees, so that we protect lives and help companies make real positive changes in their workplace culture.

We do this by hiring consultants with the highest levels of professional knowledge and experience in workplace health, safety and noise. Our team collaborates with our clients to find the best course of action to meet all legislative safety requirements in their state or country.

Our services are based on scientific risk assessment and compliance. We do not follow fads or fashions, but rather use current best practices, drawing on our extensive knowledge of the intricacies of safety legislation to provide best-quality consulting services.

Our clients’ peace of mind is our concern and we partner with them to ensure they have done everything possible to reduce safety risks to their employees. We approach our work with a sense of enthusiasm, scientific curiosity and community responsibility with a deep underlying foundation of practical business acumen.

We focus on excellence in the following 7 key areas:

Staff: Qualifications, experience, consulting and communication skills.

Value: Maximization of efficiency within agreed budgets.

Accountability: Transparent quotations and invoices.

Communication: Emphasis on listening to and defining clients’ needs.

Reports: Clear and concise reports and presentations.

Support: Answering questions and offering free telephone advice.

Time: Meeting deadlines.