Workplace Vaccinations

Workplace Vaccinations are a
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Influenza (Flu) Vaccinations

Did you know that a flu-infected employee may be absent for up to 6 working days? Or that the flu can impair an employee’s performance by 20-40%? Can your business afford the flu? If the answer is no then we suggest that you get your company vaccinated.

Flu is a highly infectious air-borne virus particularly in an office environment. It is transferred from person to person by respiratory droplets in the air that are produced by coughing and sneezing. It can also be spread by hand to mouth or hand to eye contact. Because it is a viral infection, the flu cannot be treated with antibiotics and the only available preventative measure is the seasonal flu vaccination.

Holding an on-site flu vaccination clinic means your staff do not need to take time off to visit their own doctor or nurse and their health is protected. Bookings can be made directly via our automated booking system to ease the load of your administration team. Healthy employees vaccinated against the flu take nearly half the number of sick days and have nearly half the number of doctor’s visits compared to unvaccinated employees.

Our experienced and qualified nurses will visit your premises at a time that best suits both your business and staff needs. They will administer flu vaccinations according to our stringent protocols governing clinical quality and excellence, and can service all Australian cities including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.



Conducted onsite to minimise downtime
The sessions are quick and efficient
Each patient is usually seen to in about 2 minutes
Window for flu vaccinations is between the months of March and May (to ensure vaccination is given time to become active before peak flu season hits)

We also carry out the following workplace vaccinations:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Pertussis and Polio


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Workplace Vaccinations

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Rather than trying to tackle the issues associated with staff absences due to bad health, our philosophy is to prevent the problem occurring in the first place. Our Workplace Health Services Consultants and Nurses do this by helping you to actively promote and encourage your workforce to care about their own wellbeing.

You’ll see the rewards good health and wellness bring in terms of how motivated and efficient your workforce will become. Creating a healthy workplace and a healthy workforce with the help of our professional Workplace Health Services is the best way to position your business for long term growth.

Healthy employees equals a more productive and efficient workplace. Click on any of the workplace health services below for more information.