Workplace Health Checks

Keep your workforce happy + healthy
with Workplace Health Checks

If you think it makes good sense to get your workforce happy and healthy and to help them stay that way, then our Employee Health Check Program is the ideal solution. The Employee Health Check Program is designed to provide your employees with information and advice to reduce their risks for certain preventable diseases and boost their overall health and fitness.

Did you know that unhealthy employees cost you money in terms of absenteeism, reduced productivity and low morale? Make sure your workforce stays healthy and effective by putting in place employee health checks which provide an ongoing health management program.

The program commences with an initial health check that gives employees a comprehensive understanding of their current health. They each receive a results and information booklet together with advice about how to make sustainable changes to improve their health and lifestyle. This is followed up by annual health checks which allow us to monitor progress over time and provide relevant information as required.


3 Step Health Check

Step 1:
Employees are given a questionnaire to fill out covering exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol consumption.
Step 2:
Glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist measurements are taken to determine the employee’s risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.
Step 3:
Employees receive their results immediately and are provided with feedback and healthy lifestyle advice to aid them in making improvements.

If you take the health and well-being of your workforce seriously then the Employee Health Check Program is just what you need. Provided to your employees in the workplace, it will improve their awareness of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and make them more conscious of the decisions they make. The end result will be a workforce that’s healthy, effective and more productive.

Health checks can be conducted across all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart, also now servicing New Zealand.

Download a Workplace Health Check Factsheet.


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