Building Acoustics

Address potential Building Acoustic issues early in the design stage of your project

We are constantly surrounded by noise from a variety of sources like neighbours, traffic and machinery. These noises can affect human comfort and wellbeing therefore making them an important building acoustic consideration both inside and outside a space.

The building acoustics of a space plays a pivotal role in its ability to function as desired, whether it be residential, educational, commercial or performance related. The key to achieving “good building acoustics” is to determine the correct or most suitable acoustic criteria and then design the building to achieve this. The appropriate criteria for the project should be determined in the initial stages of the project and is one key reason why engaging a building acoustic specialist early in the design process is essential and can lead to significant time and cost savings in the long term.

The building acoustic criteria or acoustic requirements of a space are dependent on the intended end use of the space:

Residential building – the ability for the resident to rest and relax
Office space – the ability to concentrate, communicate and hold confidential conversations
Educational building – classrooms in which students and the teachers can clearly hear each other

JTA assesses industrial, residential and commercial venues (commercial venues include offices, bars, pubs, restaurants and music venues) across all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Our building acoustic specialists can help you with whatever size or type of project you’re working on and offer the following services:

Acoustic assessments and reports to assist with planning applications
Acoustic Design (Building Code of Australia compliant)
Sound insulation testing (Building Code of Australia compliant)
Noise intrusion and remedial design advice (eg. road, aircraft)
Baseline acoustic testing
Vibration monitoring and control
Occupational noise measurement and control
Environmental noise assessment
Architectural acoustics
Industrial noise control
Construction specifications
Equipment specification, location and installation
Sound transmission issues

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