Environmental Noise Assessment

Our environmental noise assessment will measure your noise impact

In acoustics, the term noise generally refers to unwanted or unpleasant sound. Too much noise can cause annoyance, stress, disturb sleep, disrupt simple day-to-day activities and, in the longer term, it may cause adverse health effects.

The impact environmental noise has on people depends on the noise level, the noise characteristics and how it is perceived by the person affected by it. The impact of noise on an individual can be as wide and as varied as the number of activities that produce it. However, analytical procedures have been developed to describe noise, to measure noise, and to predict noise levels for proposed and existing projects.

As recognized specialists in the area of noise and acoustics, we have vast experience in identifying, quantifying and controlling environmental noise from industrial and commercial sites, traffic, music, entertainment as well as noise in residential dwellings.


What are noise SEPP’s or SEPP Assessments?

SEPP N-1 State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Noise from Commerce, Industry and Trade)
SEPP N-2 State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises)

SEPP N-1 sets limits on commercial and industrial noise. SEPP N-1 applies to commercial and industrial premises, such as factories, shops, restaurants, farms, mines and quarries. It is the document that has the force of Law in metropolitan Melbourne. Areas outside metropolitan Melbourne, in regional Victoria, are covered by the EPA guideline Noise from Industry in Regional Victoria (NIRV).

SEPP N-2 prescribes noise limits for indoor and outdoor venues that include music in their operations. Premises that typically require a SEPP N-2 assessment are pubs, clubs, licenced restaurants, bars, as well as dedicated music venues. It is the document that has the force of Law in Victoria for these venues.

Our team of environmental noise assessment specialists will conduct an environmental noise assessment to ensure that you meet your legal responsibilities under relevant environmental noise legislation and regulations.


The assessment will:

Identify noise issues and sources
Identify the affected noise sensitive receivers
Measure the level of noise
Assess the likely effect of the noise level
Provide recommendations to assist with the compliance of relevant legislation and regulations.

Environmental noise assessments conducted by JTA Noise are in line with the requirements of the relevant standards and policies. These assessments are performed during the day, evening and/or night (depending on the facilities operating periods) and require the measurement of background
noise levels (ie without the noise source in question being audible). Measurements can be short-term with one of our acoustic consultants present, or long-term with continuous noise loggers.

We work closely with our clients and the responsible authority to ensure we understand their needs and provide realistic and achievable solutions to best reflect the outcome they desire.

JTA’s team of acoustic consultants service all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.


Our environmental noise assessment will recommend appropriate measures to mitigate the noise and may include:

Modifications for industrial buildings housing noisy machinery
Suggestions on how to reduce levels of noisy activities using noise barriers + enclosures
Changes to work methods
Installation of noise mitigating equipment eg. noise limiters in music venues
Recommendations on how to best reduce noise levels of plant equipment

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