Sound Equipment Calibration, Repair, Hire & Sales

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We have contacts with the main suppliers of acoustic equipment. Your equipment needs can be discussed and assistance offered with choosing the correct items for you. We are able to supply a complete range of Audiometers, Sound Level Meters and Impedance meters. From dual channel units to Industrial Screening Audiometers including the automatic, manual and an Australian software package for recording results.

We can provide you with a wide range of sound measuring devices from simple low cost options to sophisticated noise analysers and logging dosimeters. In addition to equipment we also supply accessories for Audiometers and Impedance Meters including leads, response switches, printer paper, air and bone transducers and probe tips.

Sound Equipment Calibration + Repairs:

Our Laboratory calibrates and repairs audiometric and noise testing equipment. Did you know that certain acoustic equipment requires calibrating either every year (audiometers and tympanometers) or every two years (sound level meters and dosimeters). Most calibrations are carried out on the same day that we receive the equipment provided the date has been booked in advance with us. We can even arrange temporary replacement hire for you.


We specialise in:
Impedance Meters
Sound Level Meter
Noise Dosimeters
Acoustic Calibrators
Safety Electrical Tests
Sound Booth Assessments


We are really proud of our history and experience in providing
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