Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing and Assessment

Shock and vibration impact from construction sites, manufacturing facilities and traffic can compromise the condition of buildings or be a hazard for workers well-being and productivity or affect the residential neighbourhood.

In an industrial context excessive vibrations can also induce stress for bearings and seals, cause fatigue and premature failure, or be an indicator for an upcoming failure.

We provide you with the services to measure, monitor and asses the vibration levels according to standards and guidelines. If we find exceeding levels, we investigate the root-causes and develop a tailored mitigation strategy to control the issue.

To obtain a deeper understanding, operational vibration measurements including other variables like pressure and noise are conducted on the machinery and the affected areas, complemented by investigations of natural frequencies during outages.

Once the root-cause of a problem is identified i.e. structural or acoustic resonance, imbalance, misalignment, poor design of isolation etc., we develop targeted measures tailored for your company’s needs to ensure specifications and standard values are satisfied, minimize hazard potential, reduce downtime and maintenance effort, and improve productivity and reliability.

JTA Noise provides comprehensive Vibration Testing and Assessment.

JTA Noise staff has conducted comprehensive multi-channel measurements ranging from owner-occupied small businesses to large multi-nationals. Sites included power plants, refineries, chemical sites, food industries, working on buildings (industrial, commercial, residential), machinery (fans, compressors, pumps, motors) and plants (piping, steel structure, columns, absorbers). If you need help with any of the above issues and would like to use our comprehensive approach, we look forward to assisting you and outlining a strategy for your needs in our quote. We’ll accompany you all the way from assessment and analysis to mitigation and compliance testing.
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Vibration and Noise
Excessive vibrations and noise are often two sides of the same problem as vibrating surfaces always emit airborne noise. To deeply understand the sound path from source to receiver, different variables have to be taken into account.
Structural vibration (structure-borne noise) and airborne noise as well as pulsations in gas and fluid (medium noise), are the most important measurements amongst others to get the full image of a noise and vibration problem.


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