Noise Assessment

Identify potential problems with
a professional Noise Assessment

Workplaces are a cacophony of noises from people yelling, tools whirring and machines grinding. This is why every state has introduced noise regulations which dictate acceptable levels of exposure for your workers.

Q. Which noises are acceptable and which have the potential to cause discomfort and even permanent hearing loss?

A. To accurately answer that question in relation to your particular workplace you need an occupational noise assessment that will identify, quantify and discuss how to mitigate workplace noise.

Hearing loss caused by exposure to noise at work continues to be a significant occupational disease and OHS/WHS Regulations require employers to assess and control the risk of noise induced hearing loss. The good news is that there are many practical, cost-effective ways of protecting yourself and your workforce once any noise risks have been identified and quantified.


Our onsite Occupational Noise Assessments are conducted with no impact on productivity and include:

Personal sound exposure measurements (dosimetry)
Individual noise measurements at worker positions
Octave band analysis (where appropriate)
Prescription of hearing protection
Suggested engineering noise controls
Full written report
Color-coded noise maps

Once identified, noise risks can often be controlled with simple measures such as:

Providing hearing protection
Introducing different or quieter processes and equipment
Using engineering controls like isolating equipment or fitting silencers
Erecting barriers and screens to block the direct path of sound
Reducing vibration (damping)
Reducing time spent in noisy areas
Positioning noise sources further away from workers
Using absorptive materials within the building to reduce reflected sound

If you require training for your staff, we provide Noise Training on a regular basis and can customize an in-house training program to suit your business.
JTA also provides Audio-metric Testing in mobile booths at your premises.

JTA’s team of specialists service all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart, also now servicing New Zealand.


We are really proud of our history and experience in providing
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