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OHS Management Systems in place?

An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is a coordinated and systematic approach to managing health and safety risks. Employers need to adopt a systematic approach to ensure that important occupational health and safety issues are not overlooked.

OHS management systems will ensure your organisation effectively and efficiently manages its risk. It will aid you in consistently improving your safety performance and compliance to health and safety regulations and legislation. OHS management systems allow your employees the peace of mind that all potential hazards have been eliminated or managed and ensures a safer working environment. This also enhances the reputation of your organisation whilst reducing injuries and injury related costs.

To be effective, OHS management systems should contain 5 key elements that form a continual cycle of improvement:

Management commitment and policy
Measurement and evaluation
Review and improvement

No matter what size your organisation is, your OHS management system should:

Have top management commitment to managing OHS risk
Demonstrate OHS leadership
Promote the involvement of staff in its development and implementation
Be supported by the organisation’s overall management system
Have sufficient resources
Make the processes visible to employees
Be relevant to all business activities

At JTA we have helped many organisations from many different industries develop an OHS management system that clearly detailed the OHS policy and procedures and outlined:

Key Responsibilities
Training requirements
Tools (forms, records and checklists)

JTA’s team of OHS/WHS specialists service all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart, also now servicing New Zealand. We also offer Outsourced OHS/WHS Consultants and OHS/WHS Compliance Audits.

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