Hazardous Material

Keep on top of any Hazardous Materials
in your workplace

In addition to products that contain asbestos and synthetic mineral fibre, many other hazardous materials may be present within buildings which can result in exposure risks during maintenance,
refurbishment, and demolition or even during normal business activity.

If disturbed, these materials can result in health risks, such as burns, skin, eye or lung irritation and even cancer in the long term. Our experienced consultants have been trained to audit your workplace, identifying any hazardous materials or risks to employees.


If there is a hazardous material or increased risk of exposure, JTA can provide practical solutions to help you assess and deal with these situations professionally and in line with Australian regulations and legislation.


JTA offer a full service designed to assess all hazardous materials present within a workplace, including the provision of advice for the effective management of materials such as:

Synthetic mineral fibre
Lead based paints
Poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) in electrical equipment such as fluorescent light fitting capacitors
Ozone depleting substances
Coal tar pitch products
Radiation sources such as smoke detectors

JTA Health, Safety & Noise Specialists also offer guidance around Hazardous Substances. JTA’s team of Specialists service all Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide,
Perth, Darwin and Hobart, also now servicing New Zealand.


We are really proud of our history and experience in providing
health, safety and noise solutions, and feel that our statistics speak for themselves


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