Asbestos Awareness Training

Every workplace and building has its own unique set of characteristics and risk profile, thus necessitating a training program customised to meet its specific requirements. Below you will find an overview of our Asbestos Awareness Training to give you a feel for what we cover, however we’ll use real situations, incidents and photos from your workplace to highlight key points and to drive the message home.


We provide:

2hr training session at your premises (for up to 15 people)
Practical and hands-on training
Content focused on identifying asbestos containing materials
Content based on regulatory requirements of OHS /WHS legislation

The 2 hour Asbestos Awareness Training session is designed to cover the regulatory requirements relating to relevant OHS/WHS Regulations in each state.


Topics included in the Asbestos Awareness Training session are:

What is Asbestos?
Identification of Asbestos Containing Materials
Health Affects
Asbestos Regulations
Asbestos Audits / Risk Assessments
Asbestos Identification
Asbestos Removal
Air Monitoring / Clearance Certificates

Asbestos is the most thoroughly regulated of all the hazardous materials, it affects multiple personnel engaged in the management of asbestos in workplaces. JTA have developed seminars, briefings and practical hands-on training for personnel at all levels in the asbestos management chain – from asbestos removal workers and employees in buildings to managers and directors with responsibility for the control of asbestos related risk in the workplace.

The training is presented by technical experts with practical, hands-on experience in dealing with all types of asbestos containing materials in all kinds of situations. Our training is tailored to meet specific needs and is designed to equip you to effectively deal with asbestos containing materials in your enterprise through practical examples and case studies cherry picked from over 20 years’ experience.

An example of the learning outcomes asbestos removalists will receive on this Asbestos Awareness Training is given below.


Participants shall be able to:

Define asbestos containing materials and identify where they may be found generally and in their specific work situations.
Distinguish between friable and non-friable asbestos and link friability with other key factors to health risk.
Define the principle diseases caused by asbestos and the relationship between asbestos related disease, asbestos exposure and smoking.
Identify key requirements for identification, removal & work with non-friable asbestos in the particular State or Territory Jurisdiction.
Identify the asbestos fibre exposure limit and how air monitoring is conducted, its limitations and how it may be used to assess exposure and risk.
Fit test appropriate respiratory protection and identify how to select and maintain this equipment for removal of or works on non-friable asbestos.
Identify and apply safe working procedures for removal of non-friable asbestos.
Identify requirements for taking and recording samples for asbestos identification.
Identify the requirements for notification to the relevant authority.
Complete a non-friable asbestos removal control plan meeting regulatory requirements.

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